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"I'm an artist and I can learn to draw!" 
That is how my students start each class. Affirming our creative abilities and talents. Does your child love to draw? Does your child want to learn how to draw new things? Or do they hate drawing because they think their drawings are "dumb" or don't look realistic?
Come try my class!


Since 2002 I have been teaching children ages 4-12 how to draw and paint. Using a guided, step-by-step method, I show each child how to draw realistically. Just like math or reading, drawing is a teachable subject. We just need someone to show us how to see, how to break a picture down, and put it back together - one line at a time.

Using  age appropriate curriculum, each week the children learn to draw various subject matter.

This includes: portraits, landscapes, still life, animals and master artist works.

The students experiment with different mediums such as chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolor paints and markers, colored pencils and occasionally acrylic paints.








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